Railway Vehicle Manager

The railway vehicle manager plans and optimises the use of railway vehicles in the most efficient way possible and wants to know where his resources are at all times.


The objective of a railway vehicle manager is to provide efficient and smooth utilisation of the vehicle fleet in order to optimally support operations. This includes ensuring the availability of vehicles for planned journeys and minimising bottlenecks and delays. The manager works to achieve optimum utilisation of the wagons in order to reduce costs.


Data Overview

In order to obtain optimal and efficient rail vehicle planning and management, it is important to consider various aspects (daily, traffic-specific, partnership, regional and resource-related). This includes detailed planning on a daily basis to ensure that vehicles are deployed efficiently according to the day’s operations. In addition, planning per traffic is necessary to organise and deploy vehicles according to demand.

Planning on a partnership basis is also important to coordinate co-operation and ensure that vehicle resources are optimally utilised. In addition, regional planning and resource-related planning is required to take into account the specific requirements and characteristics of individual regions and to ensure efficient vehicle utilisation