Several instances of icRail running at different logistics partners can communicate with each other and exchange planning data. This allows integrated planning of resources among multiple partners.


Are several partners in a logistics process using icRail, the partners can work together in the planning process beyond system boundaries.


For each planning step (standing, movement) a partner can be registered that is interested/affected in/by this step. For example a railway company can assign a logistics partner for each trip. icRail synchronizes this trip with the corresponding icRail instance of the logistics partner. The logistics partner sees the movement in its instance of icRail. If the railway company changes the trip (e.g. new departure time), this change is synchronized automatically with the corresponding object in the instance of icRail of the logistics partner.

All synchronized objects and its modifications are logged in both instances of icRail and the user of the affected icRail instance is notified about the modified object.