Planning Views


different planning situations require adapted planning views in order to have an efficient planning process.


icRail offers different planning views based on common basic planning data and allows focused treatment of the planning process.

Calender Based Planning

Planning of the logistics ressources in a calendar like view.

Each resource has its own calendar. In the calendar view, each calendar of a ressource can be switched on and off. Calendar objects like trip or standing of a resource can be switched on and off with filters.

Each object in the calendar (e.g. trip or standing of a ressource) can be edited in an editor individually.

In the calendar the most important attributes of an object are visible at a glance (e.g. train number, number of wagons, starting location, etc.).

Table Based Planning

Planning of the logistics resources in a table like view.

Each line in the table view corresponds to the state (standing, movement) of a resource with all its details.

Filterings allow to reduce the content of the table view by showing / hiding states (e.g. hide standings, show movements).

Attributes of a status (e.g. flags, responsible person, etc.) can be edited directly in the table.

Content and editing capability in the table view can be configured via hashes as part of the url of the table. This allows to distribute access to this view within the organization or even for external partners without having to log in as user to icRail.

Planning with Location-Time-Diagrams

Planning of the logistics resources in a location time diagram.

Each line in the location time diagram corresponds to the timely progression of a resource (vertical lines = movements, horizontal lines = standings).
Tooltip lookups show details for each movement or standing directly in the diagram.