icRail includes a planning optimizer which is capable to create logical sequences of planning elements (e.g. movements and standings).


Resource movements and standings have to be combined in an optimal way into rotations in order to guarantee an optimised usage of the resources and therefore to minimize the fleet size.


icRail provides the possibility to combine movements and standings of resources automatically into optimized rotations and allows to automize an important part of the planning of logistics resources.

In multiple calculation cycles, the calculator tries to find an optimal rotation of movements and standings taking into consideration similar planning attributes. As an example the calculator considers geography (standing location, arrival and departure location) and number of resources (number of wagons in a standing, number of wagons in a departing trip) as well as timestamps (arrival time of trip, duration of a standing, departure time of a trip) when calculating a rotation.

Thanks to the synchronization capability of icRail the calculator takes into consideration planning objects of various instances of icRail, e.g. standings of a logistics partner instance and movements of a railway company instance.