icRail provides a wide set of planning views, interfaces and automation based on a central database and allows to synchronise planning date between different customer instances.

Planning Views

Plan your logistics in a calendar view, in a table based view or in a time location diagram and switch seamlessly between the differen views.


icRail supports your planning process and creates vehicle routings automatically thus optimizing the use of your ressources.


Would you like to import rail track information from instrastructure manager systems or exchange data with other planning tools. We provide various interfaces for that.


If your logistics partners also use icRail, the instances can by synchronised and planning data is exchanged between the systems automatically in the background.


Do you need reportings and analysis of your planning data, icRail provides various reporting means or you export your data in different formats for usage in other tools.

Do you have other planning, interface or automation ideas you would like to see in icRail? Contact us.